Dr. Ziyanda Mgugudo-Sello

Dr. Ziyanda Mgugudo-Sello is a Public Health Medicine specialist known for her extensive expertise and contributions to healthcare. Beginning her journey at the University of Cape Town, she earned her undergraduate degree in Medicine followed by a postgraduate Master’s Degree in Public Health Medicine and Fellowship with the College of Public Health Medicine. Her career has traversed both public and private healthcare sectors in South Africa. Dr. Mgugudo-Sello’s influence transcends national boundaries, as she played a pivotal role in shaping healthcare standards and quality assurance in Southern and East African countries.  Presently, she serves as the Head of Unit: Professional Services at the South African Medical Association (SAMA). Her career trajectory reflects her unwavering dedication to enhancing healthcare systems, advocating for patient-centric care, and championing excellence in the field of public health and medicine.