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Attracting over 1,000 professionals across two days, it is the perfect opportunity to meet the decision-makers of the Hospital sector, in a dedicated trade environment. If you are interested in supplying or educating the industry about your products, The Hospital Show is the place to do it on a scale, with guaranteed ROI.


Interact with over 60 companies in the industry, along with over 1,000 attendees and grow your business network in just 2 days at the most anticipated hospital event in South Africa & SADC, The Hosptial Show.

Lead generation

Connect with over 400 budget holding professionals at The Hospital Show alongside the 1,000+ attendees, making The Hospital Show the optimum platform to do business with professionals in the Hospital industry.

Grow your business

The Hoisptial Show unites the entire medical ecosystem in South Africa. Professionals on the cutting-edge of our ever-evolving industry will be on-site, all determined to grow their professional network, secure vital business connections, find new solutions, and seal deals.










Decision Making HCP's

Why exhibit at The Hosptial Show?

Exhibiting at a The Hospital Show Exhibition & Conference can provide numerous benefits for supplying companies and organizations operating within the healthcare industry. Here are some compelling reasons why someone would choose to exhibit at the Hospital Show:

Benefit from our co-located events

Discover the transformative power of cross-pollination as the worlds of general practitioners, nursing professionals, and hospital experts collide. This groundbreaking event brings together these vital healthcare sectors under one roof, providing a rare opportunity for intermingling, collaboration, and the forging of new pathways in patient care.

Showcase Products and Services

The Hospital Show offers a new platform to display and demonstrate products, services, and innovations directly to a targeted audience of healthcare buyers and professionals, administrators, and decision-makers. It allows exhibitors to showcase the features, benefits, and unique selling points of their offerings in a hands-on and interactive manner.

Brand Visibility and Recognition

The Hospital Show provide a prime opportunity to enhance brand visibility and increase awareness among a relevant audience. By having a well-designed and visually appealing booth, exhibitors can attract attention, create a lasting impression, and position their brand as a leader or innovator in the healthcare space.

Networking and Relationship Building

The Hospital Show will bring together a diverse range of professionals from the healthcare industry, including potential clients, partners, suppliers, and collaborators. Exhibiting with The Hospital Show will provide a platform for networking, initiating conversations, and building relationships with key stakeholders. It allows for valuable face-to-face interactions that can lead to fruitful partnerships, referrals, and collaborations in the future.

Competitive Advantage

By exhibiting at The Hospital Show, companies can gain a competitive edge by showcasing their unique offerings, differentiators, and advancements in comparison to competitors. It allows exhibitors to demonstrate their expertise, build trust, and position themselves as preferred partners or providers in the healthcare industry.Overall, exhibiting at The Hospital Show offers a comprehensive platform for companies and organizations to increase brand visibility, connect with industry professionals, generate leads, gather market insights, and establish themselves as key players in the healthcare sector.

Lead Generation and Sales Opportunities

The Hospital Show can be highly effective for lead generation. By capturing contact information and inquiries from interested attendees, exhibitors can generate a pool of potential leads to follow up with after the event. Exhibitions also offer the opportunity for on-the-spot sales, allowing exhibitors to secure new customers or clients directly at the event.

Education and Thought Leadership

The Hospital Show will include educational sessions, workshops, and seminars where industry experts share insights, trends, and best practices. Exhibitors can participate as speakers or panelists, positioning themselves as thought leaders and subject matter experts, thereby enhancing their credibility and reputation within the healthcare community.

Market Research and Feedback

Interacting with visitors at The Hospital Show will provides an opportunity to gather feedback, conduct market research, and gain insights into current trends and customer needs. Exhibitors can engage in conversations, gather data, and gain valuable feedback that can inform product development, marketing strategies, and overall business decisions.

Who should exhibit?

Medical devices and equipment manufacturers
Pharmaceutical companies
Healthcare IT and software providers
Hospital and clinical equipment suppliers
Healthcare furniture and furnishings providers
Service providers, including maintenance and cleaning services
Medical imaging and diagnostic equipment providers
Health insurance and finance providers
Research and development companies
Medical and nursing education providers
Non-profit organizations related to healthcare
Healthcare consultancy firms
Telemedicine and e-health technology providers
Regulatory bodies and associations related to the healthcare industry
Rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment suppliers.

Do you supply the following equipment? If so, you should be exhibiting...

BP apparatus
Hospital Stretchers
Anesthesia Machines
Patient Monitors
EKG/ECG Machines
Surgical Tables
Blanket and Fluid Warmers
Electrosurgical Units
Surgical Lights

What happens when I enquire?
Step 1
Consultation with our sales team

You’ll talk to one of our sales experts about your business, goals, and plans for The Hospital Show.

Step 2
We will design a bespoke package for you

Our team will help you to shape your The Hospital Show experience. We'll work with you to create the activation that best meets your business needs.

Step 3
Prepare for The Hospital Show with our exhibitor success team

We've got you covered from start to finish. Our dedicated exhibitor success team will help you make the most out of your experience.

Step 4
Time to exhibit

You’ve made it to The Hospital Show - now it's over to you. Meet with potential new customers or hires at your stand, network with the masses in the Nurses industry across our 2 live event days.

Book a stand at The Hospital Show 2025